Prologue, Thev -

To be Spoken by the Publisher.

THIS Farce, if the kind Players had thought fit
With Action had supply'd its want of Wit.
Oh Readers! had you seen the Mohocks rage ,
And frighted Watchmen tremble on the Stage;
Had you but seen our Mighty Emperor stalk ;
And heard in Cloudy honest Dicky talk ,
Seen Pinkethman in strutting Prig appear ,
And 'midst of Danger wisely lead the Rear,
It might have pleas'd; for now-a-days the Joke
Rises or falls as with Grimace 'tis spoke .
As matters stand; there 's but this only way,
T' applaud our disappointed Author's Play:
Let all those Hands that would have clapp'd, combine
To take the whole Impression off from mine.
That's a sure way to raise the Poet's Name:
A New Edition gains immortal Fame.
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