W HAT is Property in houses,
What in servants, or in spouses?
I of Shobdon Court am King;
Mine its wealth on Pleasure's wing.
If its Lady I should see,
All her homage is to me,
And, " My Lord " at every word,
I 'm to other men preferr'd.
In her absence here I sit,
Full of curtesy and wit;
When to dine, or when to sup,
If I ring, the servant 's up,
Serenaded from the bush
By the animated thrush;
From the window I survey'd
Beauty's vary'd light and shade,
Lakes and groves at nearest view,
Or the distant mountains blue;
Then with muffin, cake, and rolls,
Taste the appetite controuls;
Coffee, chocolate, or tea,
Dedicate their fumes to me.
Maps and pictures, prints and books,
Are the mind's delicious cooks: —
Not that other banquets fail,
Ducks or chicken, wine or ale.
Tell me not that Shobdon Court
Can be only mine in sport: —
It has been completely mine;
And the Owner must resign.
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