Psalm 43


Judge me, O G OD , and plead my cause
Against a finful race;
From vile oppression and deceit
Secure me by thy grace.

On thee my stedfast hope depends,
And am I left to mourn?
To sink in sorrows, and in vain,
Implore thy kind return?

Oh send thy light to guide my feet,
And bid thy truth appear,
Conduct me to thy holy hill,
To taste thy mercies there,

Then to thy altar, oh my G OD ,
My joyful feet shall rise,
And my triumphant songs shall praise,
The G OD that rules the skies.

Sink not, my soul, beneath thy fear,
Nor yield to weak despair;
For I shall live to praise the L ORD ,
And bless his guardian care.
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