The Raree Show


God bless us theres a mort to do
'Bout Princes, and 'bout Queens
Let's go and see the raree show
And tell 'em what it means
'Twas thus to Richard Robin sed
And Robin made reply
I'll think on't when I go to bed
Sed Richard so will I.


When morning came they both agree'd
To leave the village green
And see the sights of which we read
About the Prince and Queen
They went — and such a mort o' sights
And such a mort of shows
They stayed till all the lamps and lights
Shone in the streets in rows.


They saw flags stuck wi' evergreen
All gilt wi' crowns and names
Dick vowed the like wor never seen
And Bob he thought the same
And there wor V's, and there wor R's
[A hangin' on the lamps]
Bob sed they told o' bludy wars
But them's the tales o' scamps.


Arches were stuck wi' evergreens
Up to the very top
At Christmas time there may be seen
The like in Grocer's shop
And lots of letters for the name
Of but a Prince and Queen,
Some yellow as the very flame
The like o't ne'er wor seen.


A roozin bonfire blazed at night
Fire-works were blazing too
'Twould sarv'd our house for candle light
For half the winter through
And there wor fireworks on the hill
And crackers in the street
I see the bonfires blazing still
And faces I did meet.


And there were morts o' things beside
I can't think on't to tell
If they be Queen's and aint no pride
I on'y wish them well
The women they did gaily shine
Our Nan has no sich clothes
Misses on Sundays ben't so fine
As Queen's and Albert's shows.


Some sez they beint the Prince and Queen
And some pretends they be
I cam to see what's to be seen
And mort o' sights I see
And if I see the Queen agen
And ne'er o sight be seen
I've got a voice like other men
To say God save the Queen.
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