The Rawk o' the Autumn

The rawk o' the Autumn hangs over the woodlands
Like smoke from a City dismember'd and pale
The sun without beams burns dim o'er the floodlands
Where white Cawdymaws slow swiver and sail
The flood froths away like a fathomless ocean
The wind winnows chill like a breeze from the sea
And thoughts of my Susan give the heart an emotion
To think does she e'er waste a thought upon me

Full oft I think so on the banks of the meadows
While the pale Cawdymawdy flies swooping all day
I think of our true love where grass & flowers hid us
As by the dyke side o' the meadows we lay
The seasons have chang'd since I sat wi my true love
Now the flood roars & raves o'er the bed where we lay
There the bees kiss'd the flowers — Has she got a new love
I feel like a wreck of the flood cast away

The rawk of the Autumn hangs over the woodland
Like smoke from a City sulphurously grey
The Heronshaw lonely hangs over the floodland
And cranks its lone story throughout the dull day
There's no green on the hedges no leaves on the darkwood
No cows on the pasture or sheep on the lea
The Linnets cheep still & how happy the lark would
Sing songs to sweet Susan to remind her of me
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