On Reading Mrs. Carter's Poems in Manuscript

Such were the notes that struck the wond'ring ear
Of silent night, when, on the verdant banks
Of S ILOE 's hallow'd brook, celestial harps,
Accorded to seraphic voices, sung
" Glory to God on high, and on the earth
" Peace, and good-will to men! " — Resume the lyre,
Chauntress divine, and ev'ry B RITON call
It's melody to hear — so shall thy strains,
More pow'rful than the song of O RPHEUS , tame
The savage heart of brutal vice, and bend
At pure religion's shrine the stubborn knees
Of bold impiety — G REECE shall no more
Of Lesbian S APPHO boast, whose wanton muse
Like a false syren, while she charm'd, seduc'd
To guilt and ruin. For the sacred head
Of B RITAIN 's poetess the virtues twine
A nobler wreath, by them from E DEN 's grove
Unfading gather'd, and direct the hand
Of M ONTAGU to fix it on her brows.
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