Rhyme After Rain

Starry-eyed is April morn,
Rainbells glitter on the thorn.
Birds are tuning down the lane
Patter song of fallen rain.
Spring can grieve, but Spring can be
Very life of minstrelsy!
Gather the sob, gather the song!
Neither will last, neither will last!
All is yours, but not for long,
Life travels fast!

Rainbow's dipping out to sea,
Lambs are whisp'ring devilry.
Leaves are sweet as e'er you've seen,
Sun is golden, grass is green.
Meadow's pied with flowers wet,
Thrushes sing: “Forget, forget!”
Gather the grey, gather the gleam!
Neither will last, neither will last!
Certainty—'tis but a dream!
Life travels fast!
Gorse has lit his lanterns all,
Cobwebbed thrift's a fairy ball,
Earth it smells as good as new,
Winds are merry, sky is blue.
Spring has laughter, Spring has tears,
Life has courage, life has fears.
Gather the tears, gather the mirth!
Neither will last, neither will last!
Old Year's death is Young Year's birth—
Life travels fast!
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