To Richard Cosway, Esq.

C OSWAY ! whose pencil bids the canvass glow
With brighter forms than ever yet the ray
Of Poesy illum'd — a while delay
These flowers to bind, that for thy chaplet grow —
Won from Leander's famous Bard! — for lo!
What's higher deigns to court thee, and convey
To thy wrapt vision what Albano's gay
And cheering tints — drawn from the humid bow
Of Iris — could not reach, — nor Guido's air, —
Nor soft Corregio , — nor the vital flame
Of Titian's blushing hues. — The task embrace! —
Nor deem it of too bold a wing, to dare
Eden's blest habitants renew, and share
With Britain's Homer thy adventurous fame!
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