To Richard Hardinge, Esq.; On His Approaching Nuptials

Brother and Friend! the pure, the artless joy
Accept, of him that loves thee, and receives
Thy myrtle for his own — upon its leaves
May Beauty's Queen her playful hand employ,
And smiling dress the wreath! nor blight annoy
Of rude mischance, nor serpent who deceives
In pleasure's form envenom'd, and bereaves
The heart of its repose! — May the wing'd Boy,
With azure plumes unruffled, gently fan
The altar's hallow'd flame! — and bliss refin'd,
In vary'd sweets of loveliness detain
The nuptial hour, — improving, if it can ,
With fond endearments temper'd charms, that bind
The rebel passions in a silken chain!
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