Ringworm Frank

Jest Frank Reed's his real name — though
Boys all calls him " Ringworm Frank, "
'Cause he allus runs round so. —
No man can't tell where to bank
Frank 'll be,
Next you see
Er hear of him! — Drat his melts! —
That man's allus somers else!

We're old pards. — But Frank he jest
Can't stay still! — Wuz prosper'n' here,
But lit out on furder West
Somers on a ranch, last year:
Never heard
Nary a word
How he liked it, tel to-day,
Got this card, reads thisaway: —

" Dad-burn climate out here makes
Me homesick all Winter long,
And when Spring-time comes , it takes
Two pee-wees to sing one song, —
One sings " pee ,"
And the other one " wee! "
Stay right where you air, old pard. —
Wisht I wuz this postal card! "
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