A Rosey bud I would not kill

A rosey bud I would not kill
To spoil its rich perfume
For the sweet flower can do no ill
So let it longer bloom
I would not hurt a thought of love
For all the world contains
Nor spoil the feather of the dove
Or turn delight to pains


For nature is the only thing
That we should ne'er destroy
'Tis gladsome as the skylarks wing
That singeth hymns of joy
Its first and earliest offspring love
The tints of every rose
Those flush tints kindled from above
That with all nature grows


'Tis robbing life of one fond hour
Some lonely thing of joy
To stoop and pluck a lonely flower
Or insect to destroy
A rosey bud I would not kill
To cheat the summer breath
For trueloves errand they fulfill
That never taste of death
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