The Royal Light Dragoon

Come all you saucy landladies, what makes you look so gay?
Oh I do well assure you, the Light Horse comes in today,
Well mounted on their short-tail nags comes prancing into town
And the very first thing that they will do, they'll put your hayricks down.

The landlord gives them diet, the best he can afford,
Oh for to keep the Light Horse quiet and from drawing of the sword.
In bed they lies like gentlemen with arms all round the room
And 'tis death to those that do oppose the Royal Light Dragoon.

They gets up of a summer morn and goes to exercise
Whiles the pretty girls stand all round the boys with tears all in their eyes.
We get up of a summer's morn and do our work by noon
And spend a summer evening with the saucy Light Dragoon.

Now if we should kiss those pretty girls, and that perhaps we may,
They'll speak unto our officers, and they will send us away
Into some foreign country, where riots soon will be,
And 'tis death to those who do oppose the Royal Light Dragoon.

Now if we should marry those pretty girls and make them our lawful brides
They'd tire us of our comfort and weary us of our lives,
For we must rock the cradle, boys, from stable time till noon,
And 'tis death to those who do oppose the Royal Light Dragoon.

So now the rout has come, my boys, and now we must away
Into a place called Holland our orders to obey.
Here's a good success to the pretty girls and I wish them well for me.
They do like to spend a time in a soldier's company.
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