The Sacrifice to Apollo

Now when the solemn Rites of Pray'r were past,
Their salted Cakes on crackling Flames they cast.
Then, turning back, the Sacrifice they sped:
The fatted Oxen slew, and flea'd the Dead.
Chop'd off their nervous Thighs, and next prepar'd
T' involve the lean in Cauls, and mend with Lard.
Sweet-breads and Collops, were with Skewers prick'd
About the Sides; inbibing what they deck'd.
The Priest with holy Hands was seen to tine
The cloven Wood, and pour the ruddy Wine.
The Youth approach'd the Fire and as it burn'd
On five sharp Broachers rank'd, the Roast they turn'd:
These Morsels stay'd their Stomachs; then the rest
They cut in Legs and Fillets for the Feast;
Which drawn and serv'd, their Hunger they appease
With sav'ry Meat, and set their Minds at ease.
Now when the rage of Eating was repell'd,
The Boys with generous Wine the Goblets fill'd.
The first Libations to the Gods they pour:
And then with Songs indulge the Genial Hour.
Holy Debauch! Till Day to Night they bring,
With Hymns and P├Žans to the Bowyer King.
At Sun-set to their Ship they make return,
And snore secure on Decks, till rosy Morn.
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