A Sad Catastrophe

Oh Molly Meeks! Oh Molly Meeks!
How can you sarve me so
I' my face they say I can sow leeks
There's muck enough to grow
I dare no let the least o' drops
Of water touch my cheeks
So I must wear a dirty chops
And all through Molly Meeks.


Oh Molly Meeks! Oh Molly Meeks
I'm dying — what a loss!
Children are plagueing me for weeks
By laying straws across
And Molly Meeks when she goes by
They call a " spotless dove"
At me they point and loudly cry
" He's crucified by love"


Oh Molly Meeks! Oh Molly Meeks!
Do let your anger stay
It's me alone your kindness seeks
To cheer my weary way
The Tom Cat mhows dogs bark at me
Poor Lumkin all despise
The Schoolboys let their marbles be
" Oh look at Toney's eyes!"


Young men and maids be warn'd by me
Oh be all warned in time
By Toney Lumkins jeopardy
Love cut off in his prime
And all through cruel Molly Meeks
A " Boney" in her mind
Slighted I've been these fifty weeks
Nor peace nor rest can find —
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