Sage Homme

These are the poems of Eliot

By the Uranian Muse begot;

A Man their Mother was,

A Muse their Sire.

How did the printed Infancies result

From Nuptials thus doubly difficult?

If you must needs enquire

Know diligent Reader

That on each Occasion

Ezra performed the Caesarean Operation.

Cauls and grave clothes he brings,

Fortune's outrageous stings,

About which odour clings,

Of putrefaction ,

Bleichstein's dank rotting clothes

Affect the dainty nose,

He speaks of common woes

Deploring action .

He writes of A.B.C.s

And flaxseed poultices,

Observing fate's hard decrees

Sans satisfaction;

Breeding of animals,

Humans and cannibals,

But above all else of smells

Without attraction

Vates cum fistula

It is after all a grrrreat littttttterary period.

Thanks for the Aggymemnon.

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