The Sailor's Return

Oh love of mine, what shall I do
When your ship comes sailing home
With its white sails in the sky
And its wake all white with foam.

— Meet me at the silent bend
Where the river runs to sea;
Have the cottage fire a-glow,
Kettle on the hob for me.

There's a kettle on the hob
And the fire is a-light.
— Set a lamp to guide me in,
I might come when it is night.

Nay, I have my bride-dress on,
Nothing can my vow undo, —
They've bound me to another man,
To another, not to you.

— Sweetheart, what is that to me!
I will neither bless nor ban ...
My body's fifty fathom down;
I'm a ghost, and not a man!
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