Twas just when early springs begin
To open daiseys eyes agin
& shaw the gouden light wi'in
Upon a sunny mornin'.

Twas just when buds will swell to shoot
& buddin' primrose at the root
Begins to show its sulphur suit
All on the dewy morning

& violets peep afore the dawn
Upon woodbanks beneath the thorn
Ere yet a single leaf is born
To shield the chilly morning.

I saw a maid i mornin's grey
Upon her misty milkin' way
When dead grass tufts & naked spray
Bent wi' the weet o' mornin'

As ony flower her face was fair
& had the rose i' june been there
There's bin nout in it to compare
Wi' her I met that mornin'

There may be many flowers a bloomin'
& monie mair wi' simmer comin'
The sweetest that I cau'd a woman
Upon that dewy mornin'

& may the smiles o' heaven keep it
& may the dews o' april steep it
& nought on earth ha' cause to weep it
The flower o' april mornin'.
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