Sang to Annie

The broom it is bloomin'
I' yellow & green
& the e'enin' dews cumin'
On the daisey at e'en
When the mountains aye sweeter
Then citys by day
An' the brown ling lukes neater
Then gardens sae gay
The wee birdies cheepin'
In brackens sae green
An' the burnie rins dreepin'
Till it fa's i' the linn
The muircocks croons saucey
On the mountains sae bra'
Where Annie my lassie
Is dearer then a'

The broom is na finer
Then the links o' her hair
Na' daisy diviner
Wi her smiles may compare
Na' mountain flower sweeter
Be't sweet as it may
Her face is compleater
& sweeter then they
The wee birdies music
Is nae like her sang
Music's heard when she's talkin'
An' a' the day lang
Nay fountain sae glassy
As the fount o' her e'e
Then the bonnie scotch lassie
Nane sweeter may be

She's as bright as the sun beam
On the mountain taps gleamin
Her e'en bright as burn stream
By the mountain side streamin
Her face is as fine as
The wild rose i' simmer
Her shape as divine as
The saplin fir timmer
The flowers o'the brae
& the wins o' the hill
She's fairer an' sweeter
An bonnier still
Where the mountain win's pass ye
To freshen the scene
I'll meet the scotch lassie
I' the gloamin' at e'en
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