A shout, a shout for Cocles, brave among the bravest!
For he the bridge defended, and fearless swam the river.
A wreath for noble Cocles,—a civic wreath for ever!
He saved our sacred city,—glory crown the hero!

A shout, a shout for Cocles! Tell the gallant story,
O, tell it to your children, and they shall tell it further.
On the bridge he fronted all Porsenna's army:
Spear and arrow round him flew,—alone he braved them.

A shout, a shout for Cocles! Now the bridge is broken,
And see! he plunges headlong in the foaming river.
He stems the flood undaunted; his joyous friends embrace him;
He has saved our city:—twine the wreath around him!
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