Say not when all your scanty stores afford

Say not when all your scanty stores afford
Is spread at once upon the sparing board
What further shall this feeble life sustain.
And what shall cloth[e] these shivering limbs again
Say does not life its nurishment exceed
And the fair body its investing weed
Behold and look away your low despair
See the light tenants of the barren air
To them no stores or granereys belong
Nought but the woodland and the pleasing song
Yet your kind heavenly father bends his eye
On the least wing that flits along the sky

To him they sing when spring renews the plain
To him they cry in winters pinching reign
Nor is their music nor their plaint in vain
He hears the gay and the destressful call
And with unsparing bounty fills them all
Observe the rising lilly's snowy grace
Observe the various vegetable race
They neither toil nor spin but car[e]less grow
Yet see how warm they blush how bright they glow
What regal vestments can with them compare
What King so shining or what Queen so fair
If ceaseless thus the fowls of heaven he feeds
If o'er the fields such lucid robes he spreads
Will he not care for you ye faithless?—
Say is he unwise or are ye less than they
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