The Scarecrow

A scarecrow stood in a field one day,
Stuffed with straw,
Stuffed with hay;
He watched the folk on the king's highway,
But never a word said he.

Much he saw, but naught did heed,
Knowing not night,
Knowing not day,
For, having nought, did nothing need,
And never a word said he.

A little grey mouse had made its nest,
Oh so wee,
Oh so grey,
In a sleeve of a coat that was poor Tom's best,
But the scarecrow naught said he.

His hat was the home of a small jenny wren,
Ever so sweet,
Ever so gay,
A squirrel had put by his fear of men,
And kissed him, but naught heeded he.

Ragged old man, I loved him well,
Stuffed with straw,
Stuffed with hay,
Many's the tale that he could tell,
But never a word says he.
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