Scene in Epping Forest

[May 19, 1536.]

Henry , Courtiers, Hounds, &c.

  Henry . Northumberland! pray tell me, if thou canst,
Who is that young one in the green and gold?
Dost thou not see her? hast thou left both eyes
Upon the bushes?
  Northumberland . There are many, sir,
In the same livery.
  Henry . Her I mean; her yonder
On the iron-gray with yellow round his ears.
Impudent wench! she turns away her cheek!
  Northumberland . ( after inquiring .)
The Lady Katharine Parr, an' please your Highness.
  Henry . Faith! she doth please me. What a sap is rising
In that young bud! how supple! yet how solid!
What palpable perfection! ay, Lord Arundel!
  Arundel . A bloom well worthy of a monarch's bower,
Where only one more lovely smiles beside him.
  Henry . Though spring is stirring, yet give me the summer . .
I can wait yet . . though, some day, not far off,
I would confer with her at Hampton-Court . .
Merely to ask her how she likes the chase:
We shall not have another all this season:
The stag alone can help us on in May:
To-morrow is the twentieth.
Hark! the knell
From Paul's! . . the Tower-gun, too!
I am right enough!
( Claps his hands .)
I am a widower! [ Again claps his hands .
By this hour to-morrow
Sunny Jane Seymour's long and laughing eyes
Shall light me to our chamber.
Lords! prick on!
The merry hounds are chiding! To the chase
To-day! our coronation for to-morrow.
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