Ould Scotlands bonny woods and braes
And streams that rin a hundred ways
Where lassies show their tartan claes
Your hills are doubly dear
Your hills in clouds that leave the e'e
Your rivers rinning to the sea
Perpetual green your valleys be
An Eden a' the year.


Land where the thistle's bleum sojourns
O' Alice Nichol Jeannie Burns
Where sang an' beauty a' sojourns
Companions a' the year
Land o' the thistle and white rose
Where milk an' mountain hinney flows
Where heather like an ocean grows
A world without a' peer —


Land o' the honest nun forsakes
The whiskey gill and nodden cakes
Which Scottish lassies brews and makes
A' gude their health shall be
May peace gleam round the thistles bloom
And God send a' the ills that cum
Oer a' thy hills i' gleam and gloom
And Scotland will be free.
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