SCOTTY'S dead. — Of course he is!
Jes' that same old luck of his! —
Ever sence we went cahoots
He's be'n first, you bet yer boots!
When our schoolin' first begun,
Got two whippin's to my one:
Stold and smoked the first cigar:
Stood up first before the bar,
Takin' whisky-straight — and me
Wastin' time on " blackberry " !
Beat me in the Army, too,
And clean on the whole way through! —
In more scrapes around the camp,
And more troubles, on the tramp:
Fought and fell there by my side
With more bullets in his hide,
And more glory in the cause, —
That's the kind o' man he was!
Luck liked Scotty more'n me. —
I got married: Scotty, he
Never even would apply
Fer the pension-money I
Had to beg of " Uncle Sam " —
That's the kind o' cuss I am! —
Scotty allus first and best —
Me the last and ornriest!
Yit fer all that's said and done —
All the battles fought and won —
We hain't prospered, him ner me —
Both as pore as pore could be, —
Though we've allus, up tel now,
Stuck together anyhow —
Scotty allus, as I've said,
Luckiest — And now he's dead!
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