See where Calisto wheels about

See where Calisto wheels about
The Northern axle-tree of Heav'n,
And swift Bootes still doth rout
Before his lash the glittering Seven.
View then those eyes which are more fair
Than any star that glitters there.

Fair Cassiopeia, wouldst thou gain
The prize of glory in thy sphere?
Try then to borrow of these twain
Two pair of eyes that shine more clear:
For whilst they sparkle here below,
Obscurer lights we cannot know.

In nights they far outshine the Moon,
And render them like glorious days,
They may contend at height of noon
To equalize the Sun's bright rays:
Their coronet of hair, though brown,
Does far outshine Ariadne's crown.

Then gently dart those beams; for know
How quick and fiercely they surprise
The sentinels that expect below
The dawning of your beauteous eyes.
We are your plants, and if we thrive
Tis by your influence that we live.
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