Setting Out from Hiroshima, Saying Goodby to My Father

1. Lord, I know thy grace is nigh me, Though thy-
2. While I sit in weary blindness, Longing
self I cannot see; Jesus Master,
for the blessed light, Many taste thy
pass not by me; Son of David, pity me.
loving-kindness; " Lord, I would receive my sight. "

3. I would see thee and adore thee,
And thy word the power can give;
Hear the sightless soul implore thee:
Let me see thy face and live.

4. Ah, what touch is this that thrills me?
What this burst of strange delight?
Lo, the rapturous vision fills me!
This is Jesus! this is sight!

5. Room, ye saints that throng behind Him!
Let me follow in the way;
I will teach the blind to find Him
Who can turn their night to day.
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Rai San'yo
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