In the Shadows: My Version

I am sailing down the river
Calm my craft moves, not a quiver
Do I feel.
Save when the rocky point and jagged
Through the boiling rapids, ragged
Scrapes the keel.

Night-hawks high above me, screaming
Love's eyes turn upon me, beaming
All about us night is falling
On the shore a child is squalling

Willowy copse and densest umbrage
Cast long shadows, and the foliage
Tinged with red
Forms a background for a bumpkin
Sitting on a yellow pumpkin
Scratching head.

Joyful are the leaping waters
And my boat, light, " teeter-totters"
On the foam.
And the blue-bloused granger fellow
Smock shock-ful of apples mellow
Shambles home.

From the Locks as paddling westward
Soon I feel a weakness vestward
So we lunch,
Leaving naught of all the luncheon
Only sighing for a puncheon
Of good punch.

Into light from out the shadow
Home is reached, and I'm so glad, oh!
But 'twas bliss.
As we leave the boat house, homing
Naughty thought, I, in the gloaming,
Snatch a kiss.
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