She that should most, perceiveth least


She that should most, perceiveth least
The unfeigned sufferance of my great smart.
It is to her sport to have me oppressed.
But they of such life which be expert
Say that I burn uncertain in my heart.
But where judge ye? No more! Ye know not.
Ye are to blame to say I came too late.

Too late? Nay, too soon methink rather,
Thus to be entreated and have served faithfully.
Lo, thus am I rewarded among the other.
I, though unvised which was too busy,
For fear of too late I came too hastily.
But thither I came not; yet came I for all that.
But whithersoever I came, I came too late.

Who hath more cause to plain than I?
There as I am judged, too late I came;
And there as I came, I came too hastily.
Thus may I plain as I that am
Misjudged, misentreated more than any man.
Now judge, let see, of this debate,
Whether I came too hastily or too late.
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