She Was a Fair and Bonny Girl

I met my love one Sunday e'en And lovely was the weather
After nine Moons we had parted been That found us both together
And pleasant was the kiss I met And after that another
And then I kissed quite [out] of debt And made her owe another

She was a fair and bonny girl Scarce ony seemed as fairer
Her rosey cheeks her teeth were pearl I tried to win and wear her
Her hat of straw was gay to see And gay the ribbons too
Her very gown delighted me Her ribbons they were blue.

I wish I was what I have been A sweetheart by her side
Among the awthorn bushes green down by the pasture side
I wish I was the favoured Man And she the maid to hear
I'd try to please her all I can And love her all the year.

I'd clasp my arms her middle round And thumb and finger span
And do all things above the ground Thats possible for Man
I'd kiss her cheeks I'd kiss her chin And love but her alone
If I by any means could win The Maiden for my own.
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