She's Chaste and Beautifully Fair

How dear to me the wild rose tree
That in the hedge row blooms again
Its golden eye is dear to me
And glistening wi a shower o' rain
How beautiful the roses look
I pass them nearly every day
All blooming in the pleasant nook
A chaffinch built upon its spray
And there all wi' his ruddy breast
Is sitting on its lichen nest


How beautiful the wild rose tree
In green close hedges how they shine
I look at them and think of thee
My Mary with thy face divine
Thy face it hath the roses blush
Thine eyes are bright as mornings dew
Thy heart — The chaffinch in the bush
Is innocent and artless too
Sweet Mary wi the dark brown hair
You're chaste and beautifully fair.


Let me upon thy bosom lean
Let thy white bosom ease my cares
True love well knows what sorrows mean
And heals and cures them unawares
I kiss my Mary's blushing cheek
I languish in her beaming eye
And all my raptures fondly seek
Is answered by a kind reply
From Mary wi her dark brown hair
Whose chaste and beautifully fair.
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