The Ship Charlotte

Our good ship the Charlotte for battle was bound
Her guns were well mounted her timbers were sound
Our crew were as gallant as sailors could be
When our new ship the Charlotte was sent out to sea
Her cannons three hundred all mounted [and] man'd
The best ship of war that the navy e're planned
To North Carolina was bound for a trip
This brave lot of Tars and this beautiful Ship.

Tho' high as a castle in motion as brave
She danced like a bird on the swell of the wave
And all her brave crew in tracking her foes
Looked for smoak as a hound tracks fox by the nose
Her journey was bound o'er the ocean afar
And rigged out for battle a bold man O' war
Her deck was strong timbered her seamen were brave
When the new Royal Charlotte's wake furrowed the wave.

She opened her guns when we hailed her on shore
And the banks of the sea was their bulwarks no more
They were plowed by her guns till as low as the land
Where America's army for battle did stand
When they shyed from our guns we soon drag'd them ashore
And gave them a cheering with one volley more
Till the balls fell so thick that away they did run
And struck their land flag to the new Charlott's gun.

Here's a health to brave Charlotte the queen of the deep
In the dews of the morning we left them to weep
We hoisted her colours and sailed away back
And Freedom's sun spangled the waves on our track
Gave rest to the night and delight to the day
While grog, songs, and music made shorter the way
Here's a health to the Charlotte we'll drink it again
For the sea is her Empire and long may she reign.
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