Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 2. Scene 3


To them Epigenes, Scedasus, Terpander .

Epig. What? you expect to hear who 'tis that's chosen?
Pyl. God bless you my good People; I perceive
You're come to do us Homage: We are Queen.
You hear the Tyrant's wonderfully taken
With us: It was none of our seeking; Fortune
Hath thrown the Dignity into our Lap.
Wee'l make your Yoak hereafter very easie.
Sced. How came your Mistris mad; Elpidia , thus?
Elp. I'm Lady of the Fan Sir; That's my Title.
Terp. Truly, good Mrs Tyrant, I'm glad on't,
I hope you'l let's have Victuals cheap hereafter.
What price hath your Mistris put on Eggs yet, Lady?
Pyl. I'm studying now what Government is best;
Which of the Species goes on surest Maxims:
Democracy that runs int' Anarchy,
And Aristocracy into Oligarchy;
The Transmigration's Pythagoricall ;
I think the Common-wealth be best as 'tis.
Well, fare you well: they're come to fetch me here;
I must away with the Ambassadors — —
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