Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 2. Scene 7

ACT II. Scene VII.

Leucasia with Euthalpe, and a Company of
Virgins, and others of Byzantium, solemnly
conducting her with this Song . 1 Virg.

Strow we these Flowers as we goe,
Which trod by thee will sweeter grow. 2 Virg.
Guard her, ye Pow'rs, if any be,
That love afflicted Chastity. 1 Virg.
Her Mind deserves a Princely sway,
But yet obtain'd another way. 2 Virg.
Her Vertues fit her for a Throne,
But of no Choice, except her own. 1 Virg.
O then look down on his Desires,
And either quench, or clense his Fires. Chor.
O then look down, &c.
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