Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 5. Scene 6

ACT . V. S CEN . VI.

Prusias drest like an Angell with a Caduceus in one
hand, and a Taper in the other .

Prus. Thou art an Angell, Prusids , therfore fit
To be receiv'd into her heav'nly Bosome.
She shapes thee in an Habit, that she'l wed thee.
Truly, I think all Courtiers would be Angels,
If that they were not giv'n so much to th' flesh,
That keeps 'em all from Heav'n. But why should I
Be set to guard a Coffin? If there doe
Any ill Spirits use to haunt this Temple,
The Coffin must defend it self for Prusias .
This Rod yet, and this Candle have some Vertue
To fright away those Children of the Night.
Securely then I'l sit. What need I fear?
Death is already under me. Heav'n blesse me!
I do begin to sweat; this Coffin rumbleth.
The Body's something noysome: 'tis a stale one;
Good troth it spurgeth very monstrously.
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