Sith it is so that I am thus refused


Sith it is so that I am thus refused
And by no means I can it remedy,
Methinks of right I ought to be excused,
Though to my heart I set it not too nigh.
For now I see, alas, though I should die
For want of truth and faithful steadfastness
Of him that hath my heart only,
It would not be but false new-fangledness.

I set my heart. I thought not to withdraw;
The proof thereof is known too well, alas.
But now I see that never erst I saw:
Where I thought gold, I found but brittle glass.
Now it is this ye know; something it was
Not so promised; the truth is so, doubtless.
Who is my foe who brings me in this case?
I can none blame but false new-fangledness.

Yet reason would that true love were regarded
Without feigning, where it is meant faithfully,
And not with unkindness is to be rewarded.
But thus it is, alas, such hap had I.
I can no more, but I shall me apply
My woeful heart to bring out of distress
And withdraw my mind, so full of folly,
Sith thus doth reign this false new-fangledness.
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