The Snowden Maid

The autumn is come and the fields are a ble[a] The spring is severe the tempest sharp
And hail stones rattle i' the gale And I will wreath[e] around my harp
The violet and the primrose pale The bonny snowden maid to hail
The day's scarce fit to go abroad in yet will I sing and never fail
The young and bonny maid O' snowden.

She wears in her raven hair They're shaded in her bonny eye
The primrose is her kerchief fair Her gown's the colour O the sky
Her breasts two mountains are O snow Her neck's the lammies wool to shade
Her teeth are pearls and all arow O' bonny is the Snowden maid.

O bonny bonny Snowden maid Thy home beneath the mountain sky
A par[a]dise is daily made Because thy bonny self is bye
The top it seems to kiss the sky O what a scene to go abroad on
How happy could I feast my eye Beside the bonny maid of Snowden.
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