Some Days Before the Spring


There's a gladness of heart in the first days of Spring
There's a pleasure in memory to hear the birds sing
The Pink or Hedgesparrow will sing at day break
Though a leaf on the hedges is hardly awake
As for flowers on the grass there's not one to be seen
And the grass in the fields scarce enough to be green
The ruts full of water all muddy and thick
Which the boy tries to stop with a bit of a stick.


The bits of brown haystacks all cut to the core
In the grassy close corners show winter is o'er
With the oaks frowning o'er them all mossy and grey
They will stand in the shelter 'till they cut the new hay
The field-fare is there a seeking hedge fruits
And the crow on the grass, is boreing for roots
With the jackdaw that nauntles among the molehills
In their grey powdered wigs, and bright yellow bills.


The stones in the brooks, are all covered with green
All trailing and spreading as mosses are seen
In the woods at the spring and the close of the year
When violets and primroses like sisters appear
How level the meadow, how saffron the sun
How fine is the web that the spider has spun
Round the twigs of the hedge and the bents of the vales
In the soft mornings sunshine and sweet evening gales.


Then come let us walk and enjoy the brisk air
And fancy the change when sweet spring it is there
Wild flowers in the grass, and nests in the tree
A hedge for the bird and a flower for the bee
So away let us walk while the sun's in the sky
And the paths o'er the greensward and rushes are dry
And Mary will see what there is to be seen
The hedges swelled buds, and the meadows more green
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