Somebody's Child

Just a picture of somebody's child,—
—Sweet face set in golden hair,
Violet eyes, and cheeks of rose,
—Rounded chin, with a dimple there,

Tender eyes where the shadows sleep,
—Lit from within by a secret ray,—
Tender eyes that will shine like stars
—When love and womanhood come this way:

Scarlet lips with a story to tell,—
—Blessed be he who shall find it out,
Who shall learn the eyes' deep secret well,
—And read the heart with never a doubt.

Then you will tremble, scarlet lips,
—Then you will crimson, loveliest cheeks:
Eyes will brighten and blushes will burn
—When the one true lover bends and speaks.

But she's only a child now, as you see,
—Only a child in her careless grace:
When Love and Womanhood come this way
—Will anything sadden the flower-like face?
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