Song — Miss Hand

In this summers health & dew
Among the oaks & flowers
— When looks were fond & words were few —
Canst thou remember hours
Spent there in love & happiness
Beneath the clear blue sky
When natures truth had power to bless
& nought gave cause to sigh.

The song thats breathed from lips we love
There nought so sweet can prove
The voice like angels songs above
There's nought so sweet but love
The walk at morn the seat at eve
The rest on hillocks green
There love leaves many an happy place
To think of what has been.

To think of when we get away
& so I've thought of thee
How sweet appeared that summers day
When thou as fair as May
Went with me through that happy scene
An angel by my side
How beautifull the park — how green
The oaks spread far & wide
& we were known beyond the sea
& loved in other tongues
& there thou wert as dear to me
As beauty is in songs
The seat at noon the walk at eve
On molehills by the rill
So fond to stay so loath to leave
Are all in memory still
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