Wher hae ye been sae far awae
My fair creature?
I've been by the mountain side
Whar the siller burnie glide
I've been looking far, and wide
Farest creature


And what whar ye lurking there
Dearest creature
I leuk'd ayont the sunny know
Where the yellow gowans grow
And then she blush'd and turn'd to go
Dearest creature.


And what gaed ye, to leuk for there
My fairest creature
I gaed to leuk ayont the know
For aine I saw some days ago
In tartan plaid fra' top to toe
And brown his feature.


He leuk'd sa' kind the tother e'en
And said fair creature
My heart leap'd fra' my bosom clean
I blush'd but it whar a' unseen
As mountain brere that blooms at e'en
Brown whar his feature.


Then I'm the leuky mon to sae
Fairest creature
That bright ene I think on't well
I clasp'd her waist 'twas me mysell
What I might do, I may not tell
I kiss'd the fairest creature.
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