In bed she like a lily lay
Her sleep it heaved in happy sighs
A dream upon her lips did play
And sunrise hid within her eyes
Like lily leaves her white eye-lids
With jetty fringes o'er them lies
And each improper gaze forbids
From all who would their sleep surprise


And when she 'woke to see the morn
No rose in June was e're so fair
Her bosom blushed right through the lawn
As if her bonny breasts were bare
The mole it was a beauty spot
And glowed like sunlight from her face
That waking look is ne'er forgot
The room was Venus dwelling place


The rose is but a simple flower
Compared to living blooms like these
They have no strength they have no power
They stir not heart's hid ecstacies
The lily is a lovely flower
The rose it is the gardens queen
So blossomed in her bridal hour
The loved and lovely Imogene
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