The morning mist is changing blue
Like smoke among the bushes
The one arched brig shines clearly through
Near beds of water rushes
The cows lie in the pasture fair
And maids the hay was turning
When a maid went by with inky hair
As bonny as the morning.


Her face was smiling like the sun
Her bosom swelled a treasure
She looked — my heart was fairly won
I felt both pain and pleasure
But pain I know can soon be well
Old friendships are sincerest
And for my life I cannot tell
Which feeling was the dearest.


How bright the day how clear the sky
How sweet the woods were waving
The river ran as gently by
The waterfall was raving
All nature in her sweetest dress
Was still but sweetly dawning
That day the happiest maid went by
As bonny as the morning.
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