My home is thine and where thou art
My fancies daily fly
My love is in thy beating heart
No other home have I
The spring and summer bloom of thee
And what thou art they are
Thy bonny breast my home shall be
And I thy love will share


Is there a thought to doat upon
A joy uncrossed with cares
That thought to Hellen's breast is gone
That joy her bosom wears
Does summer show a lovely rose
The flower is Hellen's face
Is Edens garden where it grows
Then Hellen owns the place


Is there a happiness on earth
It lives near true-loves dwelling
Is there a joy of purest birth
'Tis in the breast of Hellen
Where Hellen is her home is mine
Without her, lonely is the dwelling
Spring cannot bloom nor summer shine
Without the love of Hellen.
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