Sweet is the light of thy bright eye
A living sun a living joy
Sweet is the smile of thy red cheek
Like rose skies when spring mornings break
Sweet are the swellings of thy breast
Like lilies when the lakes at rest
Thy figure, and thy dress so neat
And every thing about thee sweet.


Sweet are my daily dreams of thee
And when I see the bush and tree
And hear the little linnet's song
I think of thee the whole day long
They are what once thou loved to see
When walking in the valley free
They are what once did please thy ears
In shadows of departed years.


Thy face is sweet, thy cares are young
Thy voice is womans lovely tongue
Thy smiles are such as all delight
Thy thoughts are lilys clothed in light
Thy swan like neck, thy swelling breast
Like lilies on the lake at rest
Thou art of all the fairest flower
That blooms amid this earthly bower
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