The kingcups shew their golden looks
Flowers bloom before they wither
So come my love we'll stride the brooks
And climb the hill together
I love thee for thy happy face
Thy links of dark brown hair
I love thee for thy shape and face
Thy eyes so bright and fair


Sweet Hellen I love thee well
Thou first sweet flower of spring
The ash tree bark thy name shall tell
Where I thy beauties sing
Where on the early leafing thorn
The speckled thrushes sing
And primrose neath the hazels born
Show the first loves of spring —


The spring is of thee — and the birds
That in the woods rejoice
Thy beauties sing in better words
And emulate thy voice
The bushes in the green so warm
That loves the suns controul
Shews nature in its happiest charm
Where woman is the soul —

O Ellen my earthly love
With angel face and eye
I see thee in the stars above
And varigated sky —
Thy happy cheeks of rosey glow
Thy eyes so bright and fair
Thy womans beauty here below
Reflects an angel there —
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