My mamme des not ken
And my daddie must not know
Where I meet wi' a young man
Be't hail rain or snow
I stoll across the hame clos
And met him in the byre
And my new gown I'll darn it
For it caught agen the briar


I show my face the looking glass
And steal my bonnet on
And when I see theres time to pass
Through the back door I'm gone
I gae back way to shun the street
That ne'er an eye may see
And Rabbie at the byre I meet
That came to meet wi' me


I cropt a win upo' the know
When Rabbie he was bye
It war' to me a gladsome show
And scent o' nought but joy
Rab said it stank about the fold
And that I need not take
And here it is at three moons old
I keep it for his sake.


A' summer lang I could na' tire
In ganging to the fauld
The sweet-briar bush agen the byre
Smelt sweet through heat and cold
But mammie does not ken
And daddie must not know
That Jennie's fond of a young man
And meets where rushes grow.
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