At closing day and early morn
Among green woods and rushes
I loved her in youths early dawn
Beneath the white thorn bushes
When white may hid their green gloss leaves.
O'er violet banks all sweetness
When like green leaves her bosom heaves
All happy thoughts and neetness —


She lived along the way side
'Mong briars and brambles many
The dust ne'er soiled her bonny pride
Her face was first of any
The sweetest bloom amid the brown
The rose hue young and shy
I loved her when the sun went down
At milking of the kye


I loved her all the summer long
And when it went away
Her cheek so fair — her years so young
My love was bound to stay
How pleasantly the path way seemed
That went her dwelling by
The setting sun how bright it gleamed
At milking of the kye


The docks and thistles by the door
Begemmed by summer showers
Henbane ne'er looked so bright before
All might be reckoned flowers
The very sparrows sung a song
How rich the bright blue sky
I loved her all the summer long
At milking of the kye


The swallows almost touched the road
So low they dart in may
The mallow flowers fanned all abroad
The gnats were whewed away
O pleasantly the sun got up
And wandered o'er the sky
When for sweet cowslips I would stoop
At milking of the kye


How pleasantly the sun went down
Behind the cots and dairies
The cobwebs o'er the bents of down
Seemed muslin gowns for fairies
What pleasure glowed on every thing
Left green beneath the sky
The jenny-wren would sweetly sing
At milking of the kye
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