The hurly burly wind
And it whirls the wheat about
While its comeing in the ear
And the barley's on the sprout
It whirls the wheat about me
In its suit of sunny green
And my lassie need not doubt me
She's the sweetest ever seen.


Her hair is of the auburn
And her cheek is of the rose
And my bonny Sarah Ann is
The sweetest flower that grows
Her lips are like the cherry
And her skin is lilly white
Her tongue is ever merry
Her smiles are all delight.


The hurly-burly wind
And it whirls the wheat about
The billows swab behind
And the headaches scrail without
The bluecaps in the green
Eddie like Butterflies
And nothing still is seen
Where e'er we turn our eyes.


My love is like the wild scene
Her gown is floating free
And I have like a child been
To seek her company
And I must like a child be
In fancy's to delight
So I walk to see the wild bee
And butterfly till night.
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