If abscence can forget me
Go where love once met thee
And loved so fondly there
We both admired together
When we courted in spring weather
And thyself appeared so fair


With kisses I carressed thee
As in my arms I press'd thee
Go and remember me
Remember him who told thee
Twas pleasure to behold thee
Beneath the hawthorn tree


O think of our embraces
As I kissed that first of faces
T'was neath that hawthorn tree
Think when my arms clasped round thee
You vowed you e're could love me
Now go remember me


O think of all I told thee
And think I'm left so lonely
Go and remember me
The willow grey were waving
The little brook was raving
Where last I met with thee


" Met last" — two words so lonely
May pain my bosom only
To be estranged from thee
Alone among strange faces
Strange town and stranger places
O go remember me
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