Here's the aconite a showing flower
Before the valentine
Of every day there is an hour
Sweet spring I'll claim as thine
I see thee when the first flower comes
And love thee while I can
I see thee when the wild bee hums
And think of Mary Ann


The snowdrops in the orchard grass
As white as clumps of snow
Drooping — tell thee lovely lass
That winter's strife must go
With all his snow storms drifting deep
No longer to trepan
The snowdrop wakes the hive bees sleep
And I love Mary Ann


The first of young springs early hours
My bonny love is she
The fairest rose in summer bowers
Is not so sweet as thee
My love she is a bonny lass
And I'll seek her when I can
The first white daisey in the grass
Brings me with Mary Ann —
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